After the May 2021 departure of USCIS Field Office Interim Director Steven B. Corley, USCIS has named Arvind Ramakrishnan to the post as its permanent head. Director Ramakrishnan has invited Alaska Bar members of the Immigration Law Section to meet in December 2021 for discussions on building positive relationships between and among stakeholders. The Anchorage Field Office boasts one of the fastest processing times among USCIS’s over 200 field offices, and Alaska immigration lawyers hope Director Ramakrishnan will adopt best practices to sustain and increase these desirable metrics. PLGPC welcomes the opportunity for a continuing, open dialogue with the USCIS Anchorage Field Office to ensure fair and expeditious processing of our clients’ immigration cases in Alaska. You can read more about USCIS Field Offices at For a free, initial consultation on your immigration matter, contact PLGPC at 907.885.6619, or

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