and to Combine for Single Contract Award Lifecycle at “”

Government contractors will be interested to know the Federal Government’s online System of Award Management or “SAM” once again will be morphing its domain back to once it migrates to the temporary and combines the legacy to create a new “”  On May 24, 2021, this integration will mark a return to a single site for tracking contract award throughout its lifecycle.

As the Government Contract community may recall, the first phase of modernization by U.S. General Services Administration (“GSA”) began in 2012 with the integration of the databases Central Contractor Registration (“CCR”) Online Representations and Certifications Application (“ORCA”)  and the Excluded Parties List System (“EPLS”) into  Next, GSA created as a space to move other procurement systems as part of GSA’s Electronic Government (“eGov”) initiative.  This month, GSA will integrate the two systems, and, to create a single award system of databases allowing for full contract award cradle-to-grave tracking.

On May 24, 2021, it will be just with all databases and functions now at one site. This means instead of going to to view contract opportunities (formerly or to download the latest regional U.S. Department of Labor Wage Determinations (formerly, contractors can now just go to to find all the requisite systems combined into one site.  Next week, will host all systems as well as exclusions and registrations systems formerly found only at the URL.  These systems will be available from the homepage of the newly retooled site.  What’s more, the contractor DUNS and newly assigned SAM Unique Entity Identified (“UEI”) will be displayed together in the Entity Workspace until the phasing out of the DUNS number in April 2022.

GSA’s goal is to streamline the online award process by providing users with a one-stop site hosting the requisite procurement systems.  This consolidation will allow for ease of data input and statistical research and extraction of the data.  Ease of use is the goal with this integration of legacy platforms for accessibility across multiple mobile devices from laptops to mobile phones.  Certain systems will require second-level login such as public entity registrations and Disaster Response Registry sites.

What remains unchanged: Contract Opportunities (e.g., Solicitations, Notices), DOL WDs, Assistance Listings, Federal hierarchy,  and Contract Data Reports.  Federal users still need to enter the same information for registration or renewals. All user accounts and roles will migrate to  As part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, entry registrations in with expiration dates ranging from April 1, 2021, to September 30, 2021, will be extended by 180 days past the current registration date. No action is required by contractors to take advantage of this extension.

Finally, some Federal roles will have changes.  For instance, in the new, there will be a “FOUO Entity Management Data Viewer” role created for federal users needing access to an entity’s FOUO data on its registration. The federal user will need to request this role.  Also, federal users in the role of “Data Extracts User” will now need to get a system account and must have this designated role assigned by the agency administrator.  And, the former role of “Agency Hierarchy Maintainer” will be eliminated in as a separate role.  Most federal administrative and management roles, however, remain unchanged.  Roles can be requested through the new website.  

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