USCIS Updates Guidance to Require COVID-19 Vax for Green Cards

Green Card and other applicants for U.S. immigration benefits must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccinations starting October 1, 2021. On September 14, 2021, USCIS announced a policy update requiring all applicants for immigration benefits and others “deemed necessary” and needing a medical examination as part of their immigration or nonimmigration petition packet “must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19” prior to a USCIS-approved civil surgeon signing off on the I-693. Most immigration petition packets for lawful permanent residence and other nonimmigration categories require a medical examination before attending an interview with a DHS immigration officer or State Department official to complete the LPR or Visa process. Applicants can submit a vaccine waiver, but USCIS maintains full discretion in denying or granting such waivers. Applicants are encouraged to visit USCIS’s website about the recent policy change. Call us today to discuss your immigration law needs.

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